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Surprise: Actress Sri Reddy follows Pawan Kalyan advice!


Sri Reddy, the questionable Telugu on-screen character, recorded a dissension against executive Varahi for calling her a “whore.” It appears, she has acknowledged her mix-up and as opposed to making any hungama on Social media locales – Facebook and Twitter, which she is utilizing as a weapon to be in spotlight, she approached the police for help. At the point when Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan recommended to her, rather than going to TV studio, she ought to go to police headquarters and the courts for the equity. She manhandled him in broad daylight and hit herself with her shoe before cameras for having called Pawan Kalyan her sibling. Be that as it may, now Sri Reddy is following Pawan Kalyan’s recommendation. Sri Reddy herself has uncovered that she has been sexually misused by number of on-screen characters and movie producers by promising film openings. As indicated by Sri Reddy, She has shared bed her bed with number of on-screen characters and producers yet later they neglected to stay faithful to their commitments. She didn’t document police objection against them those bothered her sexually however she recorded the grievance against Varahi who called her whore.

It is heard that Sri Reddy met the Chennai Police Commissioner and held up a protestation against the executive Varahi. Before, she has charged enormous stars like Abhiram Daggubati-the child of maker Suresh Babu, A R Murugadoss, Koratala Siva, Natural Star Nani, performing artist choreographer-chief Raghava Lawrence and performer Srikanth. As of late Sri Reddy likewise charged that Vishal Reddy is debilitating her after she uncovered dim privileged insights about Telugu and Tamil Film Industries. At whatever point Sri Reddy found the opportunity, she attempted to censure Pawan Kalyan.

In the wake of recording the objection against Varahi , Sri Reddy interfaced with media people stated, “What verification does Varahi have for his assertions and in the event that he was available when A R Murugadoss or others paid her or did he pay for their benefit?



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