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Surekha Vani hot swimsuit


Surekha Vani who is a famous face in Tollywood particularly for her parts in close relative, mother, and sister characters has turned into the discussion of T-Town. Why? All on account of a few pics she posted of herself chilling in the pool, that have circulated around the web. Tollywood film sweethearts who are accustomed to seeing her in conventional sarees on screen appear to have been quite astonished by her bathing suit makeover. The pics have set off a storm of preferences, shares and an assortment of emojis communicating shock. The watcher remarks say everything. “So hot and provocative!” thought of one. “Kiraak pic” peruses another reaction.

Pics Credit: idelbrain

Pic Credit: idelbrain

Pic Credit: idelbrain

“OMG! Is that Surekha Vani! So hott!” posted another.


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