Home News samantha akkineni referring to Siddharth as Gemini Ganeshan ?

samantha akkineni referring to Siddharth as Gemini Ganeshan ?


Ruling performing artist Samantha Akkineni made a startling disclosure about her own life amid an ongoing media collaboration.

In her meeting to a main news entry, Samantha opened up about her affirmed romantic tale which surfaced in media circles couple of years prior and said that her profession would have destined like that of yesteryear performing artist Savitri’s has she not immediately acknowledged and left the gloom.

Samantha uncovered that she was in profound love with a man at one purpose of time in her vocation when she was administering the perch as star courageous woman. She included that her life would have met a comparable destiny like Savitri, however fortunately she survived the intense circumstances back then.

She recalled these miserable encounters when hearing the passionate story of Savitri and felt that it bears close similitudes to her own life.

Despite the fact that Samantha didn’t uncover the name, it might be recalled that there were solid bits of gossip in media about her asserted relationship with performing artist Siddharth.

In this way, by contrasting her existence with that of Savitri’s, is she alluding Siddharth as Gemini Ganeshan ? Indeed, she certainly dropped enough clues with her announcements to make determinations.


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