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Raviteja Nela Ticket Movie Review


Movie Rating: 2/5

Nela Ticket Story: A cheerful young fellow is compelled to adjust his life because of a stunning occasion that happens in his life. Abruptly, he turns into a savior for the old and the oppressed and battles against a malevolent, degenerate lawmaker to get equity for the general public

Nela Ticket Review: Mindless activity scenes, unexplainable adoration (truly), twelve comics who neglect to summon chuckling, an underhanded lawmaker and a standoffish, ridiculous young fellow who all of a sudden transforms into a friend in need. Sounds natural? Ravi Teja’s most recent wander Nela Ticket is out of this world unsurprising. Boisterous and rude, this Kalyan Krishna directorial needs creative energy and imagination.

The film starts with the swearing-in of the new Home Minister (Jagapathi Babu) who not just contrives to kill his dad, likewise a legislator, yet additionally enjoys degenerate exercises and makes fear among the general population. In comes Ravi Teja, a vagrant who cherishes having individuals around him. He makes a special effort to help other people and guarantee individuals care for their folks. At the point when a news columnist discovers that the Home Minister schemed to murder his own particular father, she’s assaulted by his goons and has an objective on her back. The merciless idea of the degenerate legislator unavoidably influences the life of the hero as Ravi Teja abandons an erratic youth into a guardian angel for the entire group.

On the off chance that the primary half was thoughtless and unsurprising, the measure of acting directed into the second half would influence you to wince. There’s an unnecessary measurement of substantial opinion coercively implanted into the content, and it neglects to have an effect. At the same time, you sit tight for the story to go, and ponder what on earth is going on.

Most business films with an also unsurprising storylines for the most part have the hero and the terrible person set against each other in a round of feline and-mouse. Nela Ticket, notwithstanding, gets ugly. One moment, both of them are debilitating each other, and the following moment there’s a sentimental melody – or more regrettable, another wistful scene. It feels like the chief was attempting to make four movies without a moment’s delay and afterward chose to blend everything up into one mixed up content.

The amusingness, specifically, is bland and cringeworthy. The arrangements including Prudhvi Raj and his ‘companion with benefits’, are frightfully misanthropic and neglect to bring out any chuckling. To have performing artists like Brahmanandam, Prudhvi Raj, Posani Murali Krishna, Ali, Priyadarshi and Brahmaji but then not have a solitary entertaining scene is demonstrative of the poor written work on offer.

Ravi Teja might be the Mass Maharaja however neither the majority or some other gathering of people would welcome a stale, obsolete and ineffectively recounted story. The on-screen character does what he’s known for however is let around a powerless content. Malvika Sharma doesn’t have much to do in her introduction film and the romantic tale is as absurd as whatever is left of this film. Jagapathi Babu as the cliché baddie pretty much hits the stamp, however it appears he has a similar articulation all through.

‘Nela Ticket’ has arrived two decades past the point of no return and with such a jumbled screenplay and poor written work, this film isn’t justified regardless of a watch — even with a Nela Ticket.

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