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Nagarjuna Officer Movie Review


Filmiaffairs Rating: 1.5/5

Officer Story: A fair officer battles to cut down a degenerate and risky cop, and endeavors to cut down the whole Mumbai mafia with him.

Officer Review: Who doesn’t love a decent activity spine chiller? One which abandons you on the edge of your seat, and abandon you panting in shock as the groupings unfurl before you. Lamentably, Ram Gopal Varma’s most recent film ‘Officer’ is all activity and no substance. There is no excite and there is no amazement – there’s just fatigue. Officer is brimming with firearms, violence yet what the film needs is a decent story. The film looks awkward and the characters appear to be as uninterested in it as the group of onlookers watching this film. Officer denotes the arrival of the Nagarjuna-RGV combo however it’s a forgettable wander.

Narayan Pasari is Mumbai’s best cop and is generally viewed as the man in charge of cutting down the city’s notorious mafia. In any case, Pasari faces charges of an unlawful experience and Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna) is delegated as the SIT boss to research. Shivaji and his group soon understand that there’s something else entirely to Pasari than meets the eye and wherever he goes, bodies appear to take after. At the point when Pasari is discovered blameworthy by the SIT, a bloodbath follows and it won’t be long until witnesses are murdered and the tables are turned. The skirmish of minds amongst Pasari and Shivaji and the last’s endeavor to cut down the mafia alongside it, makes for whatever remains of the film.

The state of mind and nature of the film is set up at the get-go, and there is a fierce, dull topic to it. But then, a considerable measure of things about ‘Officer’ is tremendous. In a film where there are firearm battles, posse wars and fights between cops all around, a father-little girl track amongst Nagarjuna and his girl (Kaavya) watches strange. Truth be told, each scene between them appears to be misrepresented and relatively superfluous. For instance, when he sees his little girl out of the blue subsequent to achieving Mumbai, Nagarjuna is drinking as well however he tosses his container to connect and embrace her. This is an arranged visit, coincidentally, and not a shock.

Substantial exchanges are tossed around from time to time and Shivaji is appeared as the cop who will battle for equity and won’t down until the point when he finishes his main goal. Inconvenience is, his main goal is a long way from captivating. It just has a craving for viewing an irregular grouping of activity successions aggregated and the watchers some way or another need to comprehend everything. The scenes amongst Shivaji and Pasari too neglect to have an effect.

An on-screen character of Nagarjuna’s gauge is squandered in the part of Shivaji and keeping in mind that he tries to make the best out of the circumstance, you can’t resist the urge to imagine that he was illsuited to assume this part. Myra Sareen, who likewise plays a cop, scarcely has much extension to sparkle, while any semblance of Sayaji Shinde and Ajay put decisively exhibitions.

Officer has camera work which is synonymous with Ram Gopal Varma’s movies, where each shot is increased for impact. Be that as it may, with a mixed up screenplay, the impact is not really felt. The peak is much the same as whatever remains of the film – confounded, disconnected and sudden. As it were, that wholes up the crowd’s mentality too toward the finish of watching this film.


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