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Mehbooba Movie Review and Rating


Filmiaffairs Rating: 2.5/5

Hyerabadi Boy Roshan (Akash Puri) and Lahore young lady Afreen (Neha Shetty) frequently review their past life in dreams. The fantasies frequent them even after they grown up. Roshan helps Afreen who is in Hyderabad to seek after higher investigations and they begin preferring each other. Afreen guardians get her back to main residence Lahore.

Then in an intriguing scene, Roshan comes to realize that Afreen’s past life is genuine. The past birth’s parts of them are fascinating. Why they couldn’t satisfy their fantasies in the past life and so on shapes the rest of the story


Akash Puri is noteworthy with his execution; his discourse style is additionally great. In any case, he looks excessively youthful as a trooper. Akash has great future if proceed with buckle down. Neha Shetty as Afreen looks cool however not very great in past life part. Murali Sharma, Sayaji Shinde and other character craftsmen are sufficient

Examination :

Puri Jagan’s legend characters are regularly intended to act with state of mind and flippancy. In spite of this training, he planned Roshan (Akash Puri) character with conviction for whole first half. The mainstream tone yet enthusiastic mentality is very much adjusted. The past biography of the lead couple is fascinating. Procedures in the wake of uncovering the past life have left request.

Greater part of the film has been shot in genuine areas with parcel of hardwork. War scenes CGI has been well done. Generation esteems by Puri Touring talkies and Puri Connects are great. Hardly any scenes reflect Bollywood extend creation.

On flip side, once the narrative of past birth has been uncovered … Roshan goes to Pakistan to bring Afreen back. From that point onwards the film is excessively fake and over the best. The stretchy peak tests the persistence.

Puri Jagan’s heading do not have any punch nor Wow factor. The issue is with the simulated story he picked. Notwithstanding, he should be acknowledged for not embeddings undesirable comic drama tracks, revolting words

Specialized Aspects :

Cinematopgraphy by Vishnu Sarma, altering by Junaid Siddiquii are top class. Sandeep Chowta ‘s music is great in maybe a couple melodies and foundation score is simply alright.


The commence, portrayal and generation plan of Mehbooba are ‘district and dialect’ free, it can be appeared to any gathering of crowd of the subcontinent. Executive Puri Jagan has put his radical approach and attempted to convey a legitimate romantic tale however succeeded just incompletely. To start with half is normal, second half grabs astonishingly however towards the peak the motion picture goes down the slope.


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