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Bigg Boss 2: BhanuShree slams Kaushal for inappropriately touching her


Bigg Boss 2 scene yesterday stunned group of onlookers as there was a major battle occurred after Bhanushree asserted Kaushal contacted her body improperly. As a component of extravagance spending errand Bigg Boss separated groups into two. One with dark dresses and another with white dresses speaking to awful and great. As a feature of the errand white group has been given some red apples and dark group some dark apples. The groups need to take apples from inverse groups.

Amid this assignment Bhanushree was concealing dark apples in her jerkin and Kaushal and others having a place with White group attempted to take those dark apples and all of a sudden Bhanu shree began hammering Kaushal and blamed he contacted her body improperly. This changed the air of whole house as the house was part into two as some bolstered Bhanushree and some upheld Kaushal. Bhanushree clarified obviously how it happened and expressly disclosed to Kaushal’s hand contacted her chest. Kaushal at first contended he didn’t do that and Bhanu shree is pointlessly making dramatization, however later told, as a major aspect of the assignment his hand may have contacted her unintentionally and that may be a mix-up and unquestionably he didn’t do anything purposefully and he apologized for that.

Anyway Bhanushree did not acknowledge his statement of regret and hammered him intensely and she even through the dark apples she had and advised “you just take away every one of these apples and you just win.” Geetha Madhuri despite the fact that having a place with Bhanushree group upheld Kaushal and asked Bhanu to not make a major issue out of this and quit hauling this theme. She included, she was likewise there and she saw him attempting to take the apples however his hand never contacted Bhanu’s body. As of now Tejaswi contributed in help of Bhanu and pummeled both Kushal and Geeta and told she has unmistakably observed Kaushal’s hand contacting Bhanushree. The contentions and squabbles proceeded for quite a while. Babu gogineni told, in any case it is the mix up of Big Boss for not plainly spelling the decide that contenders ought not conceal apples in their garments.

Anyway gathering of people who watched this were extremely amazed as it was exceptionally hard to watch these sort of contentions alongside children and family. In any case, it is to be recollected that even in Bigg Boss season 1 Telugu additionally there were couple of scenes that were intensely reprimanded by media, families and general gathering of people – like the scene in which lost candidates needed to shave the armpits of others. Be that as it may, later producers of season-1 retouched their ways and these sort of episodes were not rehashed. Will they currently take this scene as exercise and ensure the following scenes could be viewed by families?


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