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Actress Priya Varrier reacts to Rahul Gandhi’s wink


New Delhi: Tollywood actress Priya Prakash Varrier’s ‘wink club’ has another participant and it is none other than Congress President Rahul Gandhi, whose ’embrace and wink’ act in Parliament on Friday made a furore via web-based networking media. The performing artist, who shot to medium-term popularity, ended her quiet on Rahul’s wink.

“I have returned from school to see the news that Rahul Gandhi has winked at our Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Parliament. He has welcomed him with the wink which is a sweet motion and I am extremely glad that it was my mark move in the motion picture where I began off. In this way, no doubt, today I’m exceptionally upbeat, ” Priya told ANI.

In the wake of propelling a progression of assaults on BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul ‘s unrehearsed embrace with him ruled the features and brought forth perpetual images via web-based networking media. Rahul’s motion completely floored the Prime Minister at first yet he before long gave back where its due with a handshake. In the wake of coming back to his seat in the Lok Sabha, Rahul winked at kindred MPs which was caught on camera.

“All of you should surmise that I have a considerable measure of disdain in my heart against the Prime Minister, regardless that isn’t the situation. Truth be told, Modi Ji, the BJP, and the RSS showed me the significance of being an individual from the Congress party. They have shown me the significance of being Indian. They have shown me the importance of being a Hindu and a lover of Lord Shiva. Being an Indian and being a Congressman implies regardless of what deception somebody talks against you, you don’t harbor malevolence against them. For this, I thank you,” Rahul had said before embracing Modi.

Priya Prakash, then again, again turned into a hotly debated issue via web-based networking media as the Twitterati rushed to draw examinations between her wink and Rahul’s.

Not long ago, Priya hoarded the spotlight after a short clasp from her Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love began doing the rounds on the Internet.


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